Sunday, March 16, 2008

PADDY's ( Patty's ) LAMENT

I am being tested..truly tested. That's the only explanation I have
for this string of bad luck I've been having , it seems for over
a year now...
What was supposed yo be a quick hop over to the mall for a shirt
turns into a fiasco. As I pull into the mall off the highway
my car shudders violently, gauges fly up , lights go on and
Splat! D.O.A.....
at first I thought it was just the temp. gauge i JUST HAD FIXED
being defective..but's worse...after letting it cool down a few hours
I restart it starts and WOOSH! all the radiator fluid gushes OUT
the exhaust pipe....
Yes, i KNOW I'm screwed it towed
a friend gave me a ride home, and I'm probably looking at
what? A cracked cylinder and or worse,what engine block etc... right?
So now I wait and see,,is it cheaper to fix or buy a new "old " car?
Can't make payments so it's a no go anyway..sigh...

The first week I started my new job I thought.."Great, now I'm in debt, and watch
on top of the hospital bills my car will die...just wait and see"...and sure
enuff! DAMN...Now why can't I think stuff like " Win the lottery" and actually
WIn the fuckin' thing? I ASK you!!!!

It never rains it pours.........

I give up...You win... I acquiesce my kingdom to you, oh LORD BADLUCK..

Happy St. PATTY's Day..
this Irish girl has seen enuff o' the badluck to start searchin' fer new 4 leaf clovers.

see the photo..thas' where I wan' a be...

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