Thursday, May 1, 2008

and now for your viewing pleasure...

ain't it da tooth!
I'm not as guilty at that as I used to be..
working on stuff and having some frickin' GOALS
helps..but i DO indulge in my favorite shows still

hmmm.....maybe I should watch my South Park episode.... ;)

music of the day: Morrissey ( YES..AGAIN!!!)
food of the day: yogurt
mood of the day: it's snowing...I feel dizzy for some reason
I can't explain...impacted sinuses? blood sugar crash?
intermittent feelings of feeling like I'm gonna barf
mixed with dizzy off and on...NOT a good morning...
AND I have to go into work to close the store tonight..
it's gonna be a long day...

massive sirens sounds going by my window..always when weather
takes a turn the drivers don't.....

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