Monday, June 30, 2008

Lucky me

yes i swiped the photo from them....aheeenn

Oops , I forgot to blog this weekend..must mean I HAVE A LIFE!
One thing I DID deal with this past weekend was the UPS guy never seeing the
signed notices, him not leaving the box. finally today leaving it
and also leaving all the notices. Aren't they supposed to take those WITH
Anyway no matter. What was in the box?, you ask...TEA,
TEA SAMPLES from MIGHTY LEAF Tea. company out of San Fran.
One of the hoitier Tea companies.Full disclosure, they ASKED me
to sample them, I guess after they saw me blogging about NUMI TEA. if the Mini-Cooper car co. would read this... tee hee...

One thing I can say about my ex- boyfriend is, he turned me onto
many,many things, one of them, tea. ( Thanks J.P! :)
I brewed a cup of Mighty Teas "Green Tea Tropical" tea,pineapple
and guava...hmmm...I can taste the fruit, mixed in with the green.Interesting!
Not something I'd have everyday,but it's sort of a summer tea..add some honey
it's a SWEET SHOT! Yowza antioxidents as's light so it's
a good starter to the line I suppose!
I dug the silk bags...oooh sexy it's underwear!


During a Dim -Sum Birthday Excursion last week. Pal Misun and I ventured into
the Pacific Ocean Grocery..where we discovered
Soft core porn exists everywhere... it looks somewhat seedy and unsavory
in a "Can't quite put my finger on it " kind of way....We felt kind of
borderline creeped out by the bag of was a SUMMER SPECIAL BAG!

Final thing:
Why no comics posted lately..
Two reasons:
1.haven't DONE any in 3 weeks or so..
2. I have a really, really good explanation for
this one, but I don't quite feel at liberty to
discuss it any further now than:
"honestly it's a GOOD happy for me and
be in my corner cheering me on, is all I can say ;)

mood of the day : DANG MY BACK AGAIN!!
music of the day: Morrissey
food of the day: Mighty tea and Veggie Burgers
mood of the day: a tiny bit panicked


Reggie said...

Google Reader breaks off your blog at the most interesting places...cheers on the "good thing".

Merna Schneider said...

Hi, Patty, It's Merna from ernie pook group...
In reference to your back hurting, try putting pieces of chalk under your bed. If your back hurts alot put a whole bucket of pastel sidewalk drawing chalk. This is from a feng shui workshop I attended conducted by a 7th son of a 7th son practitioner. I tried that and my back ache went away

also one week I had a package coming every day from Ups. I had a long vertical window on either side of my front door where you could see in and out. the ups passed two days and left a note. the 3rd day I was home with my car next to the house. the guy came up and put a postit note on the glass next to the door. My daughter was in the front room and waved at him thru the glass. he didn't even knock, just put the note. I got in my car and tracked him down and hollered at him. when I get aggrevated my very long hair will stand straight up in the air, it was awesome. I got my package and he never did that thing again. If I was home he rang the bell.


thanks Merna! I might try that!

ya UPS has been sucking of late...wonder why..
I put giant signatures all over my notes and he STILL didn't see or care to see them..the bum!