Thursday, June 26, 2008

My new lover!

It's true, I have found a new love! He's all that I ever wanted
In a companion, He's steadfast and true. Solid, very
sharp, Tall dark and handsome! I'm head over heals.
Never again will I be disappointed and left standing there
alone, wondering what happened to have him turn on me
so quick. He makes no demands on me, has no
unreasonable expectations of me. Unconditional love
thru and thru! he doesn't blather on about inane topics,
is quiet and calm into the night. I can take him anywhere
and not have him embarrass me.
And he comes from Japan.. and you know how I LOVE foreigners!
He flows like butter ,glistens and gleams...he feals so good in my
hands, so firm,yet, yielding....
oh but I DO go must meet him now, the one that has
truly stolen my heart:

His name is NAMIKI ...Namiki Falcon Fountain pen 14K gold nib...
SIGH..isn't he DREAMY?

Look at the shiny face.. I will kiss him all over now! SIGH........


hartchamber said...

yeah, and now the question will be- can he perform for the long haul or is he just another speedy(speedball pen)
;D- I'm so jaded


i took him on a test drive thru most paper far so good...some moleskin books get a tiny "vein" in the inkstroke..but I bought it for inking panels...
I'm digging it!!