Monday, July 21, 2008

F%#@ me, it's HOT

I SWEAR I'm going to have to find a cooler state to live in..
any suggestions? Portland? Maine? Sheesh
anywhere...I only have A.C in my bedroom..considering
moving my studio into there...well I WOULD but it's so much
this cool little lapdesk , paper and some pens will
have to suffice for now...
too hot to think and be funny. Well ,that's my excuse for
TODAY anyway. Hee Hee, wonder what I'll come up with tomorrow.

Going to Art Museum with sis to see the Impressionism Exhibit, then a nice
luncheon..gosh golly, my day of culture!!!

here's a photo of another hot thing...Mwahahah, my new boyfriend Trent...

music of the day: Elliot Smith
food of the day: too hot to eat
mood of the day: I'm fuckin' HOT! O.K!!!!!!!!!!!!

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