Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Sketchbook Pro

O.k I got this 14 day trial for this program Sketchbook Pro..you use it with yer tablet...sort of a dumbed down illus/photoshop art program..strictly for sketching out stuff and very basic stuff..even for me it was a bit pedestrian, and I am an
uber goof ball on the computer..
I don't know..I know alot of cartoonist use a tablet, like Dilbert..but he's so basic
looking I can't imagine I could make my stuff look as good on a tablet as on
"real paper and ink"...and would i WANT to be?
And seriously, I truly DIG using materials, paper, inks, pens, getting all grimy and having that cute little perma-pen stain on my middle finger. It's a statement for me almost
Plus, well, there are SOME things in life I don't think modern technology can improve on, and one of them is creating fun comics. A lot of people might take issue with that
last statement..but ..well screw em'...HA HA HA HA!!!

NO, seriously whatever works for YOU is fine...I just don't think it's for me

Museum was fine.
lunch was good
it's too hot out to do much anyway so I'm going to
"hermit " here...

music of the day: a little bit of everything
food of the day: meat
mood of the day: reflective on people gone, lost to us
and missing things I never had.

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hartchamber said...

I mostly use the computer for special effects, touching up, cleaning up artwork and toning. i ended up with my tablet pc because of carpal tunnel syndrome in my wrist. Unfortunately, I'm finding out that most tones are nowadays becoming psp brushes and computer programs. And in the long run, it is cheaper and a bit more eco-friendly - but lots of times i find myself looking at a page, seeing what tones i want to use for that page and printing out what i want onto applique film and laying it down on the page by hand because i love the smell of tones and the feel of paper on my hands. I've tried doing the initial drawings on the computer but i just cant get that synapses-firing-up inspiration i get from putting pen to paper. so i guess i'm old fogey too.