Friday, July 25, 2008


"Ring Ring!"
Me: Hello?
Them: Hi, It's me, what are ya doing?
Me; (not quite sure who "me" is...)... Ummm nothing, what are you doing?
Them: 'Nothing",want to hang out tonight?
Me; I'm not sure yet...umm maybeeee... SO what have you been up to?
(hoping some nugget of info might let me figure out who it is...)
Them: Oh nothing much..same old same..Work is a bitch yadda yadda...SO wanna
go get some always say ya wanna do that...
Me: (Narrowing it down a bit to the people I HAVEN'T had sushi with)
Oh say yeah.that might be good...
Them: Cool...SO which place, I can meet you there..or should I pick you up?
Me: (at this point it would be INSANE to admit I had no clue who it was)...
Oh ya driving from again...I can meet you someplace close to
BOTH of us!
Them: You know...midtown..
ME: (narrowing it down to just THREE now..)
Oh well..hahahah...yeah, how bout Sushi Den
Them: Sure 7:00 cool?
Me: ha ha..yeah..

Then another 10 minutes of banter ensues until i FINALLY put a finger on who "ME" is...
let's face it people..even if I've known you for 15 fucking years you still should
identify yourself when calling...
Several reasons;
I always feel bad when I have to tell someone I have no clue who it is,makes them feel unimportant to me...
and I'm going FUCKING sounds the fucking SAME to me on the bad reception phone I guy sounds like a GIRL on there ya go....

This heat is knocking me for a loop...though the 5 minute rain shower we
got yesterday DID cool us down a maybe today will be better...
I look FORWARD to going to the mall A.C..ahhhhhhhhhh

stripped out the living room...bedroom next in the "great cleanup of 08"'s time
to grow up anyone .ANYONE with kids out there looking for some fun toys..hit me up with yer address...I'll send them something...just hook me up wit' some postage...$5.95 UPS

Joanna ..i sent YOU a box already..hahahahaha

music of the day: Flogging Molly, BOWIE
food of the day: too hot..can't eat,lost another 2 pds.
mood of the day: missing you, I don't know WHY i should....

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Joanna said...

Yeah and I think I'm going to be picking up all those toys and many more tomorrow. :-P The last time I cleaned up Alex's room I swear it was back to what it was a week later. I've finally got her out of the habit of sleeping with half the stuffed animals, books, and other random plastic toys that would hurt if you rolled on top of them. Crazy little kid.

Oh that reminds me...I still need to put batteries in the Toy Story alien dude.