Saturday, July 26, 2008


There's nuttin' like a big heaping bowl full of
CRUNCHY LOGS to help get yer day going!
Am I right kiddies?

I can't help but think about all the crap-ola' FUN cereal we ate as kids.
But I don't recall Mom ever buying us THIS one!

Mainly we stuck with Capn' Crunch, SUGAR Smacks ( now called something innocuous like, i think,just Smacks..there was a mid 90's name change to HONEY smacks,like that would lessen
the high fructose corn syrup damage heaved upon our vulnerable tiny bodies...)
Every now and then there was Crispy Critters,( another big fave with me)
Honeycomb ( my gran's favorite)
But our mainstay was Rice Crispies, Life, Total cereals...

Life Cereal is still a big fave with me as is Special K...
MY big thing was...was there a GOOD PRIZE inside the box!!
The problem with FOUR kids is..we had to take turns over whos
turn it was for the prize..
so you had to manipulate the purchasing of the cereal
and prize to coincide with YOUR turn...

oh well.....todays breakfast...
Flannihans Irish Oatmeal with fresh Blueberries and Agave syrup for

another scorcher today folks...have fun!

off to the mountains tonight! weeeeeeeeee



Joanna said...

I only eat Cheerios which rarely ever have toys in the box, but if they do, I grab 2 boxes. :) The latest was Batman toys. :-P

Lisa said...

When I was a child we were poor so I got whatever mom had the best coupon for, but no Post cereals. For some reason my mom thought that buying Post cereals was as good as giving it to the communists.