Sunday, July 27, 2008


Why is this HAPPY fellow jumping for JOY?
Why it's Discovery channels' SHARK WEEK! The most
MAGICAL, WONDERFUL time of the year!!!

I'm so giddy with joy! YEAH SHARKS!!
Tune in and check em out.

You know where I'LL be all week..MWAHAHAHAH!!!

They Myth Busters JAWS episode was especially AWESOME.
They either proved or debunked if a Great White could
actually DO some of the stuff that happened in the movie...
All in all it was cool, Ya get to see stuff blow up! HAHAHAHA

O.K back to the's SHARK TIME!!!!!!!!!!!

in other news...with great sadness I hear that some giant
conglomerate bought the Alameda Square shopping center and will be
leveling it .(don't know WHEN...) is the home of the best DIM SUM place in the
city , Super Star Asian, where some of you have joined me
to dine on such delights as chicken feet, congee, dumplings,peppered shrimp
BBQ beef, pork, slurpy fun yummy food...
The square is also home to Pacific Ocean grocery store...aisles of strange
exotic fun food from Asia....What ever will I do for my NOODLES!!?

I only pray that Super Star relocates to somewhere close!!!

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