Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Buddah bless Chiropractors....

....I'm on my way for my second visit in a few tics...
Already I feel better..still 'burny, throby"..but
way better than before..I actually slept thru the night
without waking up in shooting pain...

wonderful niece helped me shift up my drafting table
about a foot...should help cut down on my 'slumping"
that is undermining me.

in other news...here is Eric after a few distraught months without
my graceful pressence...yet another heart I have broken,oh so
sadly and cruelly...Better watch out boys, the memory of me will burrow under
your skin and into your soul until it festers there, like a boil...
ready to pop at the most unexpected moment.....

...and will I be there to help clean it up?

music of the day: Madness
food of the day: Dim Sum with niece
mood of the day: ouchy and ornery

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