Monday, August 18, 2008

This... going to end so badly , I can feel it in mah' deterioratin' BONESSSSSSSS

spending the weekend NOT drawing cuz it hurts to do it is NOT fun.Even less fun is not being able to sleep cuz when you lay down it hurts even more.At least it's my UPPER part of my spine and neck, and not my lower, so it doesn't hurt to walk and stuff.
Just to deep breath, cough, twist, raise arms,turn neck in certain directions..etc..
I can hear clicking as I move and turn and go about my daily duties.

All in all though I am rendered grumpy, moody, tired, tense. I am avoiding heavy duty pain pills cuz I HAVE to go to work this week. Demo. convention and all ...But that bottle is looking better to me each day.
By the way,that's not my X-ray, just something off the web..mine is much uglier.

On the other's SO lovely outside today, cooler, breezy,sunny...

music of the day:BECK
food of the day: Geen Tea
mood of the day: OUCH!

missing you!

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