Friday, August 15, 2008

Whew! Friday!

Ahhhhhhhh..time for a nice cuppa cuppa...I guess
what I like about this Mighty Leaf tea is..,,GOSH, the
tea is presented in it's own little silk undies
This ones not too bad...smooth, I put some honey in it
dang I put honey in everything...

So it's , like in the low 60's now, I feel a bit
squirrely, as I'm wont to do on the first day of
"cool" after a nasty hot summer..

Still tooning...sort of, stuck on a story line, I'm getting
suicidal over not being able to chunk one out in a while...

and the BACK issue isn't helping any my left arm is
numbing up...and I feel like someone is hitting me in the back and
moved my ribs around...DOUBLE not good.

I need to go draw now...or reset up my studio..raise the table up so I'm
not leaning over at all any more...sigh
always something.

music of the day: NIN
food of the day: egg drop soup
mood of the day: miss you

1 comment:

hartchamber said...

tell me about it! I'm beginning to think that in addition to my daily vitamins and allergy stuff, i pop a couple of ibuprofen for my ankles. must be that getting older stuff- aint for sissies, i'm telling you. though i am losing weight to relieve some of the sress on my feet. I found a great diet aid- it's called a bento box!