Friday, August 8, 2008


JUST when you think all is right with the art world
THIS has to go happen.
MY new favorite pen in the
EXPENSIVE category has been discontinued.
YUP! The NAMIKI FALCON. Word on the street is
it's no more after this fall.
so if you are into COOL Fountain pens at ALL.
GRAB one while you still can!
Now it's not a pen MADE for artists particularly, but
it has the most flexible 14kt nib I ever used.
a pen with longevity for sure. Worth the expense, around $170.00 or
so ,but I think it can be found for less on some sites out there.

sniff sniff

I'm SUPPOSED to be writing comics this far it's going
pretty slow..anyone got some funny ideas out there?...I'm feeling a bit

side note: my precious DIM SUM place, Star Asian told me they were NOT being
torn down in the ensuing construction coming up next year.
Let's hope it's true!

music of the day: NIN
food of the day: Dim Sum and SMART PUFFS and Mighty Tea ...
mood of the day: creatively hopeful


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