Thursday, August 7, 2008

talent sometimes DOES skip over siblings...

I now present for your amusement and edification
proof that sometimes not ALL siblings inherit the same
talents. Hence my older brothers artistic efforts done while
dining at one of those reprehensible chain "Italian" restaurants,
I present to you: "MOUSE/BUNNY/FAIRY"

Of course telling his daughter NOT to photograph it for fear of my
posting it on my blog has come to fruition.. MWAHAHAHAH.
Paybacks a BITCH Richie!
Admitedly it DOES have some primitive charm, sort of like that "Outsider" art so
often found in the hills of Georgia....

O.K he CAN do other does a good job at work,
and he can do stuff to cars and strange little things with trains, and I'm sure
he can BBQ waaaayyy better than our dad ever did.

Good Night ya'll.

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