Saturday, August 2, 2008

You didn't think I forgot little buckaroonies....

....DID you? YAH! Shark Week is almost over...tonights entree'
Worlds deadliest sharks to man...Number two on the list, the
TIGER shark.

I'm learning all about the best way to get out of a sticky situation
should I ever come face to face with one....umm, being LANDLOCKED
the chances are slim to none, but dang if I ain't READY just in case!

My closest danger aquatic adventure I ever had was, while living in Florida
oh so many years ago, we would sometimes go snorkeling out on Red Reef key are in Boca I think..anyway...There I am a floating on my tummy, face down in the water, just enjoying the cute little fishies when...a giant patch of DARKNESS swims under me..I felt a bit lifted,,,so fast was a giant Manta RAy swimming underneath me..oh so gracefully and
later I find..not as safe as ya'd thing...

Saw Batman today with my darling don't walk to see's SOOOOOO Cool in IMAX! Got a bit dizzy at some scenes..but man was it a fun movie..and yes very dark..and's a fucking shame that Heath is gone..cuz he totally blew me away, and I am stingy with acting praise...

still hot, work tomorrow, off to pretend to write pithy, funny dialogue.
love yas' ta pieces ,ya mieces ! xoxox

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