Friday, August 1, 2008


...and ANOTHER Day of us all COMPLAINING About it!!
hee hee...shoot ...I got a heat rash where ya don't WANT a
heat rash..... har har

o.k here's a cooling photo for you...well for me at least...I enjoy
nice photos of bottles of ink...

my inks of choice of late...the NOODLERS just cuz it's so fricking cool...a bottle
of highlighter ink..looks neon green in the bottle but it's bright yellow.The
Black ink is fun but NOT waterfast so no good for my strips..the FW is the ink of
choice for my pro work..and the short squat one? Well THAT my dear is
MONT BLANC Brown Holiday ink SCENTED like chocolate...snifffff..
o.k not really that strong but there IS some sort of smell from it..and it's a lovely
sepia/brown color.....

off to work now, ADORING THE MALL A.C!
see ya!

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