Tuesday, September 23, 2008

and another thing........

So I got in the mail today more samples from MIghty Leaf Tea co.
Full disclosure: they "axed" me to taste, and review their tea.

Right now I'm drinking Green Dragon
What a mellow brew! I confess I do like this one alot! Their copy describes this tea as "pan fired ,stirred in wok with tea oil,giving it a rich complexity and nuttiness when brewed"
Well O.K ...It do ,it do! I would drink this as an afternoon,lunch tea, cheese, crackers, grapes. Tea grown in a village in China called DRAGON WELL. Hey,they had me at Dragon, I tend to find myself drawn to teas named after animals, mythical or real...
So anything with "dragon" or "monkey" in it ,has suckered me in! BWAHAHA.
It's steamy green hot sitting here in my skullhead mug..I must go and enjoy my little
tasty treat!
Oh yeah..it's ONLY available now at Whole Payche....I mean Whole Foods...
take that as you will.....

on to drawing,job hunting, music listening ,cleaning this dump up...

music of the day: Angsty Morrissey
food of the day: whatever's NOT growing in my fridge
Mood of the day: better now

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