Wednesday, September 24, 2008


...thas all I'M sayin'...

Why is it EVERY frickin time I go to the grocery store
I get overcharged for something? And then they insult you by
saying I have to go stand in LINE at the SERVICE DESK for the
money return.Whatever happened to the frickin person at the
register who fucked it up in the first place, just giving you the
frickin' money BACK !? NO big business trusts ANY of their
employess , That's why, even the STORE MANAGER who FUCKED it up!
YA gotta be EAGLE EYED now whenever you check out anywhere! I swear!

off my soapbox now...
tea time, next up teh Organix Detox Infusion from Mighty Leaf, I feel a need
to detox after yesterdays back bout'...

music of the day: Ko and the KNockouts
food of the day: chicken
mood of the day: foggy feeling, and slow witted

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