Wednesday, September 24, 2008


O.K I got a reply to my MONKEY BRAINS OATMEAL COMPLAINT ( see below below..a few days back)...
I challenge them to taste test the two FAIRNESS I shall make a BOWL of each Tomorrow morning and give it another go!( dates are not expired , I checked..besides it was the NEW one that tasted funky!)
Then dear MONKEY BRAINS, I shall report back...but tell me..can you address the change in ingredients?
AND I do agree MONKEY BRAINS is awesome.......I will report tomorrow! Same monkey channel ,same monkey time!!!

Patty! Monkey Brains here...I was doing my once per 2 month google to see how many other people are talking about how awesome Monkey Brains is...and my eyes deceive me? A complaint??? about Monkey Brains! NO! Well...I don't know what to say! It SHOULD be exactly the same! Granted...the packaging was updated to look better...but the formula is no different. Maybe it was expired!??? Did you check the date? Now, sometimes the pouches do get less pieces by accident...I've actually "worked the line" myself, and seen it with my own eyes...yes it's perhaps I'm to blame? There. Blame me. It's all my fault! WHAT HAVE I DONE????!!! WHHHHHHYYYYY!

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