Sunday, September 21, 2008

So anyway....

Back from birthday brunch party for John Porcellino...always fun to chat with
another creative person!

Off to create....

music of the day: NIN, Flogging Molly...( yes i wanna go....sigh)
food of the day: ummm...some sort of chicken thingy
mood of the day: twitchy eye but better

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bluejoanna said...

It doesn't matter because the bagger will cram as much heavy stuff into the same bag regardless of if it's paper or plastic so long as he can get it in the buggy without it breaking. Who cares if you have to carry it up a flight of stairs and it breaks as soon as you take it out of the trunk anyway? ARGH! They ALWAYS put 2 64 oz juice containers in the same crappy plastic bag. I'm sure they'd try to cram 2 gallons of milk in the same bag if they'd fit. I should probably just bag my own groceries. *sigh*