Friday, October 10, 2008


O.K that's sorta how I feel right now...

spent the better part of the day forcing liquids, teas, water,umm
and a good batch of curry to sweat it out..
Also created a special Day of the Dead box..and will be for sale
so one of you LUCKY BASTIDS can own a PJL original PLUS help
out a gal in financial straights...
will post photo when I finish it tomorrow...

hmm cold is in the air...and ...can it be...a predicted little
teeny tiny rain/ snowfall tomorrow night! I'm all a twitter!

i love pumpkins

music of the day: Calexico ( yeah kept me in the Day of the dead mood)
food of the day: curry, oatmeal, green tea
mood of the day: Hell man, I'm frickin' sick!!!!!!!!!

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