Saturday, October 11, 2008

Sick is sick

Ain't it so.
I'm tired of being sick.I was up all night and now I can't nap!
In Honor of FLASHEE I am not using up my allotted amount of exclamation

found this from who knows when:

I guess it was from when I had just moved here years ago and went into the
"OH shit, I'm living with my parent's again" Shock.

I DID get something accomplished today.I started working on TWO Day of the dead boxes. And yes, they will be for sale.
I'll post the photos when they're done and then let the bidding begin.BWAHAHAHA (look, no exclamation point again.)


hartchamber said...

Did You forget about the newsletter you sent us at the store? I cant remember if that cartoon was in the newsletter or if it was another one. I wonder where i filed it?

bluejoanna said...

AHAHAHAHAHAHA! Hit the nail on the head. :-P And I can attest to the fact that Grandpa would purposely leave dead/dying batteries in his hearing aids when they visited us so he didn't have to hear all the kids running around and fighting the whole time. lol