Sunday, October 12, 2008


Since I'm home sick, might as well be crafty!
I have 4 boxes I'm working on at once, one of them
I think I hate, but we'll see..also trying my hand at
making some Day o' da' dead figures. Hey, why not?
Have to let them dry, then paint them, THEN I will
post them.

Finally broke down and picked up some soup and meds,
letting King Sooper ,once again, overcharge me for something
which NOW I have to go BACK to the store tomorrow and get
my money back..sheesh..seems every time I go there now
they mess up my receipt.

music of the day: one of my calexico cds is all ruined! waaa burn me another one,
will you?
food of the day: soup,and badly made stir fry ( HEY, I'm sick,alright?)
mood of the day: sick and tired

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