Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Day of the Dead BOX #1

It's a Monkey! And it's dead! And it's dancing! Woo Hoo!
O.K, it measures 4x4 inches,

interior is a plain distressed black. I really dig this one, almost hate to sell it,
but, I made it to raise some moolah, soooo...
He's got glow in the dark teeth and he will also look cool
in black light. I lightly varnished it. There's some glitter happening on it too.

I'm asking the very reasonable price of $45 bucks for this Patty Leidy original.
(Considering it took many steps and hours to do this)
Hell I'll even toss in some little prizes for ya too!
IF your in Denver area we can arrange a drop off/pick up..otherwise I will be sending this USPS.
SO PLEASE send me a message if you're interested in adding this to your
collection of cool stuff!


O.K I'm gonna go do,uh..'stuff' now.
More tomorrow my cool cats and kitties!


hartchamber said...

looks nice! Have you thought of trying www.etsy.com After, Ebay did a lot of changes, Etsy just took off. It really is geared toward being an artist shop!

bluejoanna said...

That's cool! Monkeys are awesome. I'm tempted, but I'm kinda poor as well (which is funny considering I have a job and all).


awwww c'mon ya know ya WANNA! LOL