Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Day of the Dead Box #2

It's a hinged Frieda box! With cool little skulls inside! The color photographed a bit
off, but it's bright red with green, deep purple orange and black accents.
Stuff glows in the dark ( tres cool) and is glittery. Black light will
showcase it as well. I haven't totally finished it yet and it still
needs a light glazing..but it's fun. Ummm...$50 bucks?

Slogging thru years of toys, tons of crap to sell at the upcoming
Collectors Supershow and Majesticon Comics Con on OCT 26

It's going to be at:
Ramada Plaza Convention Center
120th Ave. at Community Center Dr
I-25 at 120th Avenue
Denver/Northglenn, CO 80233

TIME: 10:00 to 3:00
SO if you're in Denver area you should stop by, say "Howdy" and get a real BARGAIN
from me...seriously I'm pricing stuff to MOVE OUT!
(if anyone out there is an expert on Vintage STAR WARS figures pricing..PLEASE
give me a shout's the one area I'm a bit deficit in.)
I'm going to have all kinds of cool crap, including Ren and Stimpy, Nightmare Before Xmas, plush,PEE WEE Herman,Anime Figures,Nickelodeon stuff, Gumby, Felix the cat, WEIRD stuff..Halloween stuff, PEZ! The list is endless!

Wow ,this is gonna be the first comic book show I'm actually going to be a dealer at and not an appearing artist signing stuff and doodling for people..oh, o.k if you
ask nicely I certainly will not turn down a doodle request. BWAHAHAHA!

music of the day: Flogging Molly( gotta learn all them lyrics for the show!)
food of the day: mmmm poverty tuna!
Mood of the day: don't ask..seriously

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bluejoanna said...

NOT GUMBY!!! I remember that from when we visited your tiny apartment in Atlanta. :( Next time I visit (whenever that may be), you probably won't have any toys left. :( Do you still have those robot things with the straws that you're supposed to talk through or whatever?