Friday, October 17, 2008

Fried day

Without further ado let me introduce you to some very
good, old friends of mine. from left to right
it's "Skunky, Doggie, and of course Pandie".

Cleaning out stuff for the sale I came across my buddies
Now Doggie and Pandie I have had since birth.Well loved for sure
and Skunky, the hand puppet, I believe I got around my 7th birthday or so.
Being the original child I was, I assume the names were
terms of childhood endearment. I believe Pandie was the more
adventurous of the lot, I seem to recall he took a dive
into the toilet bowl one fine morning for a swim, declared he
did NOT like it and only under great duress would he ever venture
to the washing machine for a bath.
Doggie and Pandie are made by GUND..a true testament to the high
quality put into the workmanship . I always say spare no expense
when purchasing plush for children..the HAVE to last the lifetime of
childhood....much trauma avoided to be sure.
They're not to huggable now.. Both posses the crustiness interior
of old stuffing, but will be fully cherished non the less for the rest
of my lifespan indeed.

Skunky has a protruding back wire inside him so when putting your hand
into him there's the danger of a scratch..but hey, he's a skunk, they always
keep you on your toes..I seem to remember he liked tea parties ALOT and
was hooked on biscuits and lemon tea.
He also liked to tease our cats relentlessly.Until Ming Lee ,our Siamese
fought back with a bite to the nose that almost removed it.
Lesson learned.

If you still have your childhood friend, I decree this day to be
"Find it and give it a hug and a thanks day", for its full efforts
to help see you thru the trauma of childhood.

I think my sister still has Cubbie, her little bear buddy, lovingly
wrapped up somewhere in a place of honor.



still pricing, selling, cleaning...lamenting the amount of 'stuff"
I have.... lowering prices even more just to get rid of it,
free up space, and raise some much needed cash....sigh

music of the day: Flogging Molly, to lift the spirits
food of the day: where ever my sister is taking me to lunch
mood of the day: better than yesterday


hartchamber said...

As the oldest child all my toys were given away to the younger or when we moved(army brat so constantly), I had to set an example and throw away my toys. Oddly enough, the only ones that survived were my mothers stuffed animals that she gave to younger brothers which were then given back to my sister when she had kids. All the stuffed animals i knew as a kid belong to her now. So I had only pins left from my childhood. Which i then gave away to my niece as a keepsake when my mother died. She liked that.

bluejoanna said...

Dad still has some old teddy bear who's falling apart. He wouldn't ever let us touch it because one of the arms or legs was almost broken off. I don't remember it's name.


we lost alot of toys to in moves...but somehow I managed to hang onto these guys..i DID loose a tiger along the way..and yes...I think it's name was..."Tiger"..LOL

Joanna I don't remember any teddy from yer dad...hmmm