Saturday, October 18, 2008


"Ohhh , I'm a spooky daid' monkeyguy!

Side view of curio box.

I just popped some dead things in so you could see, actually you can put
anything in this. It opens from the top ,it slides open.
Glitter backed and yes, black light
The Skellys inside are kinda goofy. they're made out of this
super lightweight clay stuff..almost like..marshmallow fluff to work with.
I'm going to make some out of the more traditional polymer clay.
Make me an offer......

Nice day out today, summer like actually.
Practically finished going thru my stuff for
the show. I can't believe how creatively I had packed
it all away. How massive an amount in a small space.
My father trained me well in packing things.
Seeing as we moved so much in my youth,it HAD to stick

Music of the day: Flogging Molly (semi-mastered song Float on my gitbox,how odd)
Food of the day: leftover chicken and GREEN TEA
Mood of the day: Perplexed by your actions.

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