Sunday, October 19, 2008

What the hell did I do today?

Well, this for one:

I scraped off the ton of grime and dust..( don't worry, Denver is so dusty
there will be a fine layer by end of next,
tossed a bunch of crap, put toys away..and in general, made it workable again!
also did the Second to the last bookcase:

put away toys or put them in the "Sell it " pile.
now only my art supply shelves and one more bookcase and the studio is done...
tons of papers to go thru, sort all the medical billing crud...yadda yadda...
can you tell I'm at least being constructive in my unemployed stage?
Also went and traded in a bunch of CD's for some new listening!
Yeah no money spent!

now if someone can tell me why my 'puter mouse is acting all funny all of
a sudden..........

music of the day: Glen Hansard
food of the day: some sort of pork material
mood of the day,night: scratchy (from all the dust I suppose....)


hartchamber said...

The mouse also needs to be cleaned, if you're using a mechanical one. gunk tends to collect on the ball. if you're using one of those fancy wireless optical freaks, those things short out in a couple of years. or the battery needs to be changed.


I did.that's when it started to be all's an optical one...hmmm
I try to keep it clean and the mouse pad clean all the time..but it IS so dusty here...
umm battery...?

hartchamber said...

if its wireless, it uses a battery for power. if it's usb, then the power comes thru the usb.