Thursday, October 23, 2008

What's this then?

No room for sentiment anymore I guess. So on the trash heap it goes. My
Grumbacher watercolor tray, Now I've had this badboy since 1978 or so. Ah, my art
student days.No snide comments from the younger peanuts out there in the gallery now!
Relic status has been achieved ,but dang, it won't even come
clean anymore. Years of colors crusted on,stained,shards of great
works reflected on the tray. The don't even MAKE these anymore!
So why the toss out? A crazed day in my art studio, making room
nesting,who the hell knows what to call it.
Grumbacher makes some fine grade colors, and STILL some of the tubes that came
with that set are good. Shows you how much I do watercolor work....hee hee.

Studio almost desk is the last on the list..then I can
be brilliant again..

Ready to go for the Toyshow this SUNDAY! BE THERE OR BE SQUARE!

side note
: discovered I have a rather large storage space in
the laundry room/basement of this I joyfully have been
moving crap out of my apt. into storage..and giving myself some much needed
breathing space...those of you who have been here KNOW what I'm a
talkin' bout! At this rate of selling and tossing stuff..I should be
more mobile just in time!! Yeehaa!

music of the day: REM, Beck, Flogging Molly
food of the day: none,tummy still shot
mood of the day: Split fingers and a split mind...

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