Saturday, November 1, 2008

Ain't modern technology GRAND?

I find myself so dependent
on things I used to do without
just fine. Case in point, my
internet/DSL has been hinky all week
long. I seem to get a bit stressed
out about it too. Like I don't have
a million things to do other than
be on the internet all day,
Granted I DO have to look for jobs online now.
But everything else, BIG time wasters.
Well maybe not this blog, but most other
mindless things I find....
or not....

This is not the first strip for this storyline..but it got DONE first.
And NO , my birthday was in June..and anyway,I did NOT lock myself
in the bathroom,and I had no party..but yeah..I do feel my body is falling
apart lately. WTF !? Do you wake up with creakin knees and back? Unable
to jump and run far. Tiring out earlier in the night? Asking "What?" more
often in conversation? Well join the frickin' club!

And yes, as pointed out by Hart, today marks the start of the annual
National Novel Writing Month. You have from today until the 30th
to write that sweet novel festering in your brainpan.Click on the
link I posted up there on the left to read all about it! And get cracking!

music of the day: Nick and Noras playlist, The Cure, Glen Hansard
food of the day: That farty tuna melt, and upcoming Chinese
tonight with the 'rents.
mood of the day: Excited about Tuesday!

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