Sunday, November 2, 2008

Sunday is PEZ day!

Off to a PEZ party soon but I did have to let you know,in case
you have been living under a rock, that today is the LAST
Opus Sunday strip in the papers.
The punchline to today strip is at
a smooth ending to a fine career for Berke Breathed. HE will be

IN horrible sad news , my Rocky Mtn. News announced they were bringing
BACK the Garfield daily to the paper..after ,oh say 2,000 complaints
it was dropped. WHAT? There's 2,000 DIM BULBS out there in Denver that
have no CLUE when a strip goes very ,very bad?
I had been enjoying the rotund feline free mornings for a bit now..
Sigh. Once again I must avert my eyes in the early A.M.

Now , for pure EVIL incarnate I present to you the marauding squirrel that has
been harassing my sisters pumpkins this year.
See the glowing evil in his eye. That little bastard didn't even run when I came up
on him to take the photos. He was so drunk on pumpkin and seeds. He kept cramming
his whole front body into the hole he created . See the guts dripping off his
greedy little squirrely face? The first day he had just done a tiny surface mark, so I drew on the pumpkin a face of terror and pain, which you can see the remnants
of if you look closely, now..well there's nothing left I'm sure. He attacked another one as well...Demon Spawn of the Trees!


bluejoanna said...

He's cute!! I want a pumpkin-eating squirrel. :(

Anonymous said...

Squirrels are evil, I tells ya!



They ARE evil! He killed all the pumpkins!