Tuesday, November 4, 2008



In other news:
FISH need braces too! Who knew?

Found this poor lad while perusing the fish area at a local grocers.
Actually I was scoping out the cute as hell fish monger there who graciously
allowed me to photograph it. ( like him saying no would stop me! CHA!)
I can't remember the name of the fish..do you know? I think it's called
Herbert, or Stanley.....hmmm

This is my haul from a little gathering of PEZ pals I went to on Sunday..I FINALLY got the dang Chick Fillet Cow pez! AND a Charlie Brown with his tongue out..( yah , I know, like you care.)

Off to enjoy my election day..and celebrate later tonight I'm sure..(and hopeful)

music of the day: Flogging Molly! (natch.)
food of the day: green tea, BBQ pulled pork
mood of the day: whip lashed but giddy!

Love ya!

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