Thursday, November 6, 2008


Nuff said.
Recovered from the neighborhood celebrating noise.

HEY! Winter is here FINALLY! Actually got cold last night. I can also
tell cuz the annual FINGER AND HEELS OF FEET SPLITTING has begun. Much slathering of goop on and running of
a humidifier has started.
Maybe the crazy cleaning frenzy I have been in lately isn't helping
either ,but, hey now I'm ready for company. Weeee!

Say Hello to Princess Buttercup ( as you wish)
the crazy jumping doggie.. BWAHAHAHA.

Off to deal with some COMICS! YEAH!!! COMICS!

Music of the day: NIN, CURE, Smiths , Dylan
Food of the day: leftover JERKY chicken I made, GREEN TEA.
mood of the day: total whiplash! ARGG.

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