Monday, November 10, 2008

Where have I been!?

Dang! Losing your Internet at home is NOT cool.
So far I have the dsl connection but no connection to Earthlink.
SOMEWHERE in the ensuing multiple phonecalls to a variety of, oh so far away
Indian help line people,all telling me something different computer settings or what have you
got completely screwed i need an APPLE tech to fix it..
(insert multiple curse words here)
I can't even get into my systems /network profile to change the
address cuz my computer is saying my settings were changed
in another application!
NO postings from me til I get this mess fixed!

much thanks to my sister for letting
me use her computer at her pad...

IF anyone out there is an APPLE geek...S.O.S

music of the day: grinding of teeth
food of the day: green tea, lots of it
mood of the day: not very good

UPDATE. I GOT IT BACK! Thanks to BRIAN who jiffied over here and
solved the nasty issue...took a while too..but, he IS an APPLE GENIUS!
xoxo to Brian! YEAH! Now I can go back to being a time waster..tee hee

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