Monday, November 17, 2008

He called...

...yes,poor ERIC. After that HORRIBLE
break-up, and no reconciliation, THISis what
the man is reduced to; late morning "wake and bakes"..cold cereal for
meals because he's too shattered to leave the house anymore
after my cruel rebuff. I think the bathrobe has achieved life status from all
the organisms dwelling on it.NO shaving for weeks on end.
I would take Eric back if I knew he could mend his ways.
But, alas, I suspect the worse. Nefarious characters hanging around the house,
strange bloodstains in the garage, latenight phone calls that hang up when
anyone but Eric answer.. All so disconcerting! SO clean up your act dear, or there
shall be no more of me! Poor baby!

HA....ain't Mondays grand?
off to ..TA DA! DRAW!
Wish this writers blocked babe luck my crazy babydolls!
xoxoxox miss you!

music of the day: soothing SMITHS, followed by: hey, let's dig sum NICK CAVE this morning!
food of the day: ug...ummm green tea and...fridgerator foraging
mood of the day; EXTREMELY satiated and ...spunky!

Get creating kiddies!!

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