Wednesday, November 19, 2008

hee hee

Hey, I'm not REALLY going thru a mid-life thing...I'm too young! (tee hee)
This is for the OTHERS out there that are...BWAHAHAH.
The strips are gonna jump all over the place for a bit kids.
(bonus point for a translation)

What's cool: cleaning out yer closet, finding jeans 2 sizes smaller than what yer wearing and they fit perfectly,wearing them around town for weeks .
What's NOT cool: Discovering the reason why they were crammed in the bottom of the closet,the worn out spot in the rear that lets yer panties show thru.
HAHAHAHAHAHAH! THAT was a good one.

Why do I feel like I'm getting sick again. Dang.

music of the day: Calexico, Leonard Cohen, IGGY!
food of the day:
mood of the day: exposed ;)

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Llywelyn said...

Wait wait wait... ANT is the sensible one?? OMG, dogs and cats will be marrying, it's a crazy mixed up world!!!