Thursday, November 13, 2008

in the zone...

Wow , two full days spent doing nothing but painting .
Creative therapy. Seriously, I recommend it if
yer feeling a bit blah or overwhelmed.( Or if ya got shitcanned.)
It's about 22x30 inches. Acrylic, pencil, watercolor pencil.
Some gold on the too. Yah, the dog is a bit,spooky. But I like
him...he seems very happy to be getting a good back scratch.
The monkey is actually alot more purple than that..deeper I guess I
need to adjust some colors there in photoshop.

Now to go scrape paint off my arms and stretch !

music of the day: NIN, Flogging Molly,The Cure
food of the day: chicken,tea
mood of the day: better

is it snow yet?

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