Friday, November 14, 2008

Know what's funny?

When ya get am email asking for the artwork for the
comic art show you are supposedly in, and you
have NO idea what the FUCK they are talking about.
Someone submitted my name and now I feel like
I'm out of the fricking loop!
Turned it down, then needed everything framed and
yadda yadda...too much trouble.

oh ..those monkeys? Dang , first I get spiders, now
I got little teeny tiny monkeys running around
my apartment!
Insolent at best,they seem drawn to the studio.
They did not bite at the banana trap I set for them.
Hmm, some of my PEZ has gone missing....

winter cold on the way,yah! SNUGGY weather...oh yeah,
got no snuggybunny tonight. DRAT.

Saw Zac and Mira make a yah..they sure did.
Jason Mews let's it ALL hang out...tee hee.
Got a free movie pass too, the theater did not correct
a screen issue, so YEAH ME!

Off for tea!
Cheers my loves

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