Wednesday, December 31, 2008


Agh! Shite! She ISN'T 19 anymore! (hee hee)
Things NOT to do at a Flogging Molly concert:
1.Think you can stand RIGHT UP FRONT where Dave
is going to sing, without repercussions from
the mosh pit.
The wave of insanity that ensued when the band took the
stage was like, a wave of penguins fleeing a great white
attack, en mass.
Stoically we, (me, my niece, and a gaggle of other
young ladies), stood our ground, Me?
I lasted 5 songs, decided the broken ribs, bruised elbows and knees
from being forced into then using them the force back against the
unending wave of testosterone, body odor and flying beercups and ice,
was not worth it, even for F.M.
I informed niece I was bailing, she pleaded with me to stay,
but I started to fear greater for my back and neck.
The only way out was UP, our friendly security gladly assisted me,
and others, up and over the barrier to safer ground,
Dave, acknowledged the front waves predicament with a look that seemed to
say: "You silly ,drunken fools, I love ya anyway!"

Finally taking a better, safer seat anyway in the handicapped area off to the
right of stage, I enjoyed the last of the beer fueled show. (more Guinness anyone?)
I had a full overview of the mosh pit that seemed to never end.
The only mild pause in the mayhem was when Dave performed an acoustic
encore, Black Friday, almost to the end chorus when the band
rejoined him onstage, and all hell broke loose again as the band
full force enjoyed the exuberance of the crowd.

( trivia notes: Bridget looked a tiny bit preggy,(hmmm Dave ,you dog..)
Bass player lives in Denver,body odor gets a nice perfumy pungent
smell when mixed with the hops of guinness,there's money
to be made when the shows over and you can scan the floor for dropped
change and treasures. No T-shirt is worth $35 bucks.)

Set list: it's a blur, but most of if not all of Float album and other
choice favorites. YEAH!

Dave said " How the fook' can ya' breath in dis air?"

With that I bid you adeau, and a SAFE and HAPPY NEW YEARS EVE

Now to go nurse my bruises ( yes, black and blue knees and skinned elbows)
and a pinched neck and back, and to contemplate my resolutions, changes for
(Oh yeah..and maybe a nice noodle to join me?)

XOXOXOXO my lovers!

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