Thursday, January 1, 2009


....Well maybe more like determined resolve.
I hate that people make these grand plans and resolutions,
only to space out on them a month later. So all I can say
is I will try my darnedest to achieve them the best I can.
So to all my friends and pals I will be trying even harder to
achieve the Comic some fashion, I will.
I'm already on my way towards better health, so that's a good one.
To all my new friends and loves, my best efforts to be
there for ya. To all the old, missing, lost friends and loves.
It was swell, and I will always think of you fondly and with
a soft spot in my heart. I learned something from each and
every one of you. Good and bad, I appreciate it. Love ya!

I think my main goal this year is to be happier with
what I have and do. Not sweat the small stuff. And try
to have fun DAMMIT!
Oh yeah, that job thing too...hee hee.

This blog started as a " watch me create and get a comic gig",
well, it still sorta is that, but I just wanna have fun with it.
I promise ,when I do a comic, up it will go!

Now to go deal with my New Years ,New Cold.
That means I won't get sick the rest of the year, right?


Music of the day: Nick Cave
Food of the day: Oatmeal and blueberries ( yum!)
Mood of the day: sneezily optimistic

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