Friday, December 5, 2008


From the Blogger: BibliOdyssey . My apologies to them in advance for me writing about it here, but I feel these are among some of the most important illustrations for children's books ever done.
I have to press upon you to go to their blog and check out ALL the original drawings posted there from the Sotheby's catalog of the upcoming
auction of these pieces by E H Shepard on Dec. 17th of this year in New Bond Street London. Click on the heading WINNIE to go see them.
Oh, that I was wealthy . In a heartbeat I would be bidding. So many times when I was a little kid I would pour over the stories and artwork. So many times when I was little I would trace, then draw on my own, these illustrations. So perfect in my eye.

Forget the sterile Disney artwork and film..and refresh your memory of what
true beauty, emotion and love can come out of a simple little drawing.

Have a fun weekend ...snow melted already, a visit to the mall today with sis..not as bad as I thought it might be. hee hee hee

Off to do late night 'tooning!


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