Wednesday, January 7, 2009

NOW HERE'S......

...Something to look forward to..the new ASTRO BOY movie slated for
Oct 2009 release...check out the trailer!
let's just hope they don't fuck it up....

windy day. low key. still got a slight cold

Oh, Here's a good laugh for you..this is a copy of a movie poster I sold
in Atlanta when I moved here..I think to my old comicshop I worked at I
believe, I can't remember...anyway..depending on which version it is...depends on how
much I got screwed..HAHAHA
Oh well... why didn't I hold onto it?..hey I had TONS of crap and nowhere to
store it..SOME stuff HAD to go...
anyway it lists between $400 up to WAY over in the Thousands depending on the version..
I'm pretending I had the copy version ( which I didn't ) as to feel better...

music of the day; The Cure
food of the day: umm Green tea
mood of the day: level, with a side of artistic angst


hartchamber said...

hmm, i dont recall you selling it to us, but it's been a long time since you've been here- 5 years??!!?-cant remember


hmm...I Do remember you guys getting some stuff...I know ya got the Raiders poster...maybe I sold it to Bill or somebody...well ya might have it in yer records...oh it doesn't matter anyway...does it...
miss you guys!