Saturday, January 10, 2009

Strange Craving...

Here's the weird thing..even though
I crave a big ol' bottle of YOO HOO and a Ding Dong every now and then.I always feel super SICK after one...Maybe it's the watery choco-goodness oozing into my system, followed by that sugary flavored lard treat...ARGGG!

Maybe it's just the goofy names that trigger a craving.After all,
who DOESN'T want to try a "Ding-Dong" or a "Yoo Hoo"?

In other trivial things, no word yet on the comic front.
Unemployment mayhem, warmer weather.
Squishy car breaks.

Music of the day: Arctic Monkeys
food of the day: ummm, not a clue
mood of the day: EXTREMELY satiated

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