Thursday, March 12, 2009

Ah, for normalcy once again...

...what would that be exactly anyway?
Day four of steroids. I can't imagine anyone WANTING to
take these vile little pills. But I am feeling better
if not looking too bad.
Still kinda spotty and oh so sexy, scabby.
I still have NO clue as to what did it.
But believe you me, when I find out...There'll
be HELLA payback..hahaha can you see it..
Me wailing on a poor defenseless little shellfish?
NO, I assure you it was not seafood....
In any case I will find out when I go out to dinner
with the 'rents and my visiting bro and his wife
to the ever so chi-chi and exclusive Red Lobster.
Ohh LA LA!

tee hee...
off to do my 'thang'.

music of the day: Nick Cave, Culture Club, The Cure.( BA!)
food of the day: BBQ piggie
mood of the day: suck! ( you know who you are)

I'd be remiss to not point out to you a pretty funny web comic
I've gotten into lately..

not everyones cup of joe..but heck..since I can't curse anymore
in my comic...I have to live vicariously thru him.


bluejoanna said...

Ooohhh Red Lobster! We don't have a ton of those in Atlanta... *rolling eyes*


you mean you would actually WANT to go to that excuse for a restaurant?