Wednesday, March 11, 2009

we rejoin our originally scheduled strip

hee hee he,....I like blowin' stuff up!!

off to visit the ' all my
steroid induced bloatyness and grumpiness.
I HOPE no one induces road rage in me on the
way over there..THAT would be sad....

music of the day: the sound of my fast beating heart
pumped up on 'roids
food of the day: are you kidding...these things made me
GAIN 5 pds so far!
mood of the day: two words- hair trigger trigger

oh kids, simmer down..I'm not THAT bad off!


bluejoanna said...

WOOHOO indeed. Should I buy peeps and teach Alex how to make them explode? Ugh, I wouldn't want to clean up the mess though. Oh right, I should visit relatives of some kind and use THEIR microwave. :-P


well they don't really BLOW UP as much as..sort of...get real real big them IMPLODE...just use a paper plate so u can just toss it..and don't cook em TOO long or the burnt sugar will stink up yer house!