Saturday, March 21, 2009

Overcast Saturday

not quite sold on this one but....I'm letting it slide for now...

What a fun day! I got my latest MIGHTY LEAF Tea samples in and they are,WOOT!, my faves... LOOSE GREEN TEAS!!
YEAH! Finally...the first one is Organic Lu An Gua Pian from the Anhui province of China. Wow is this one rich and has a long history
going back to the TANG dynasty ( No silly, NOT the orange breakfast drink of the
astronauts)Very,very smooth and mellow, touch of sweet..I'm digging this one ALOT!
Remember that goofy comic I did about teas a while back...I thought of that
while I was brewing this one..

I also got a sample of Organic Earl Green, sencha leaves with a touch of citrusy bergamot.
Not sampled yet, but if the way it smells is any indication I know I'm gonna dig on this one too!
I like loose teas, I get to play with my tea stuff , make my own bags,( the leaves are long, it's like making a tea and have a little tea party in my out for a while and umm...dream of Jet Li...
tee hee.

Picked up STEPHAN PASTIS newest Pearls Before Swine collection:
The Saturday Evening Pearls. Go get it, NOW!

Music of the day: Morrissey ( well, it IS overcast!)
food of the day: miso soup
mood of the day: wired!

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Lisa said...

The way a tea smells is not necessarily an indication of how it will taste. I got a cherry orange tea once that smelled heavenly, but tasted like brine from the swamps of hell.