Tuesday, November 17, 2009


..the whole of this comic will post at www.webegirls.com after some
technical difficulties so check it out, oh, I'd say by tomorrow morn.

SO I'm sitting here working on stuff and all of a sudden I hear
this NOISE, this,,growllllllll ,like the fox living in our
neighborhood has returned under my window, but no, It's
MY tummy! My tummy telling me in no uncertain terms that my diet
of late has been less than wonderful. O.k, I have somehow
recently and quite fast,as of today lost 10 pds. Maybe the diet
of stress, anxiety, excitement and rice crackers is not all THAT
after all. But seriously, I'm not that hungry or interested in food
lately. Well, MY cooking maybe ,but still....
EH, who am I to complain? It ain't gonna kill me.

A cleaning find. CHEX Cereal box prize from early 70s I want to say
Space ship launcher.I dare not try to launch it,the rubber bands are shot
but ain't it cool?
Why don't they do cool stuff like this anymore in Cereal?

"You'll put yer eye out kid" OR,some asswipe dork kid will swallow the thing.

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