Monday, November 16, 2009

Mercy me...

I think Monday got away from must have been the whole weekend that
unraveled me...You see, I FINALLY went out to a CLUB here...
Ya, me ,the recluse...laugh if you will, but it was one of the FIRST
times since I moved here that I felt sort of at home. I have been too
insulated, yes I KNOW it's the typical cartoonists lament, But efforts have
to be made to rectify that problem. Who's up for helping? HUZZAH!
So that tells me something..not sure WHAT but,it do.

More comics on way, there's OTHER stuff in life too ya know?
Not sure WHAT yet,but there is....

music of the day: The Cure , Tom Waites
food of the day: some sort of chicken thing
mood of the day: bewitched and satiated all at once...

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