Sunday, November 15, 2009

THOSE drawers...

Today was a perfect day to tackle some around the pad cleaning.
(see photo on left) Anyway, in cleaning I ran across one of
THOSE drawers, you know what i mean. The "catch all weird sorts of crap
who knows what it's for junk drawer" Everyone has one,you know, filled
with old matchbooks, coasters, various receipts to various things,
twist ties,broken pens you one day will "fix", guitar picks, old remotes to
who knows what, batteries,
empty keyrings, little rubber finger puppets...(o.k maybe be not
everyone will have little rubber finger puppets), old baggies that had
who knows what in them,yadda yadda. I ask myself now ,why do I even SAVE stuff
like that with the thoughts of "I may NEED that someday"?
I tossed 99 % of it.

Most places have ONE drawer like that....I found I have several, in every room.

It's going to be a long Sunday...


Just Jane said...

I have several rubber finger puppets. I think everyone should.


Then my dear, I see a rubber finger puppet show in the future for us... Bwahahah..

I also have it on high authority that every home is not complete with out a Gumby or Pokey..I have a few spares if yours came without...