Sunday, November 22, 2009



I'm really enjoying
Morrisseys latest release of B-sides. About all I can DO today is
listen to music ,nap to make up for NO sleep last night. ( don't ask...but yeah,
it was worth it.)
I stare at my drafting table KNOWING I need to write a story,but
I'm so fuzzy nothing tangible is spewing out,like it usually does at the
zero hour ( pun intended...)

Doodling and laid back chicanery shall rule the day. That, and little
rubber finger puppets. Oh, and curry. Definitely curry in all it's leftover
steamy,hot,spicy, curry goodness.
MMMMM curryriffic!

music of the day; MORRISSEY, NIN
food of the day: see above
mood of the day: satiated

some demons expelled, new added

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